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Sponsored rider & Barn

Bryce Richardson grew up riding and competing on the West Coast but by the time she reached the end of her teen years her involvement in the sport had taken her from coast to coast and beyond to Europe. It was living and working in Holland in her late teens that gave Bryce the idea to start her business, Quintessence International, a boutique sales barn that specializes in developing young horses for the top levels of the sport, producing quality amateur horses, and acting as a trusted agent for American buyers in the European market all. It would take another 4 years of working in the sport where she retrained off the track thoroughbreds, groomed up to the FEI level, and rode for other sales barns to gain insight and experience before she would open her own doors. After a nearly career-ending injury a year ago, Bryce decided life was too short not to go for her dream; so, she struck out on her own and Quintessence International became a reality. With a summer base in Belgium and a winter base in Ocala, she works to produce and procure horses ideal for the US market and develop her own young horses for the top levels of the sport. She says her business is built on quality horses, hard work, transparency, and never forgetting why we all started in this sport: the love of the horse. Follow Bryce and her team on Instagram @bryceprichardson

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Elizabeth Galloway

F-16 también conocido como Jet

Elizabeth es una estudiante de último año de secundaria en Carolina del Sur. Compite con su caballo Jet en saltadores. ¡ Síguelos @bays_appys_and_greys y míralos volar!

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Tobievandelufkenshoeve aka Tobie

My name is Rowan Bomar and I do hunters with mu pony Tobie! I have been riding since I was little and been competing for years now. Equine & Design is one of my favorite shops to shop at-both at shows and online. I love the show shirts and all the store has to offer. 100% recommend.

Follow Rowan and Tobie on Instagram @rowan.bomar

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Kristina Donaldson


Soy Kristy y mi caballo es espartano. ¡Actualmente competimos en Doma Clásica y nos encanta! Síguelos en Instagram @ spartographer07

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DW's Warrior aka Martillo

My name is Samantha Hines. I've been riding for 7 years, competitively for 4 with my two horses. I'm a junior in high school and hope to ride on a collegiate team in college.

Follow @sbh.eq to see their journey!

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Cassiopeia Cellestin alias Tino

Mi nombre es Gabrielle Peterson y vivo en Dallas, TX. Monto a Cassiopeia Cellestin (Tino) y Aiden en los cazadores junior de 3'6 ". Además de mostrar, me encanta preparar a mis caballos y montarlos a pelo o en una cuerda para el cuello. Mi objetivo es convertirme en un jinete constante del Derby Internacional. este increíble equipo en Instagram @ellie_and_escobar

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